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Advice Buying A Corolla

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Hi to all, i found the need to stray from the Avensis forum for some advice.

Someone we know have had a sad loss in the family and are selling a one owner 2002 T3 VVTI Corolla, i'm not sure whether it is 1.4 or 1.6 but it is low mileage, less then 30k miles.

What are the main points or worries to look at with this model, I would grateful of any comments as I may buy it for my wife if the price is right.

Regards, Pete.

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There aren't really too many problem with these.

The 1.6 is known to burn a fair bit of Oil, but that is purely down to very slightly undersized piston rings, this is by no means a fatal issue though and people have had well over 200K on these engines with the Oil burning and no issues. ;)

If you keep it serviced regularly and you check your Oil regularly (you should anyway) then you will have yourself a great bullet proof runaround which will prove useful and reliable for many years and miles.

I am not sure what sort of prices they go for though, so someone else will have to help with that. :)

And I am sorry about your family loss :( I hope things aren't too stressful with arrangements and family politics... I understand that things can often be affected far worse than you think.

Anyway, I hope this helps mate.


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