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Yaris Verso 1.3


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The factory fitted radio on my Japanese made Verso (bought new in 1999) has suddenly developed the following problems. FM is distorted on all frequencies such that it is almost unintelligible and AM now suffers from a lot of interference noise from wipers, etc.

I've tried unscrewing and cleaning the roof aerial, no effect.

The Toyota dealer says they will have to take it out and send it away to be repaired. Fine, but the labour to take it out is quoted as 40 mins and 40 mins to put it back added to which is the cost of the repair. At about £1 a minute the Toyota labour alone would be at least £80.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be would be welcome as would solutions.

If it has to be taken out it would seem preferable costwise to do this myself and then take it to the dealer for repair. Is this straight forward?

I've found an article by Yarisboy about taking the dash off a Yaris to fit a tape player which describes removing the top and bottom of the dash.

Does this also apply to the Verso and do I need to remove the lower dash to remove the radio.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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