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Subwoofer To Avensis T25

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I want to install subwoofer Pioneer TS-W1201DVC to Avensis T25 Salon. What is the best box to build or somebody have good way to install.

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After a little bit of product searching, i take it this is the sub you have:


(if you click on the pic, will give you to the website)

From what i can work out from the spec, it's saying a sealed box would be best suited for this.

You can either make one, or should be able to buy one from where you live.

Making one can be fun but you need to be exact with the measurements and with the internal cubic litres thats the sub needs.

You can get shops to make you one, but will cost more due to there services.

I'm pesuming your amping this sub somehow, so you can either mount the amp on the sub box, more somewhere close by.

Securing the sub box would also be a good idea, either with velcro straps, or even bolting it to the rear of the car seats.

Hope this is helping



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