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Fuel Light Stuck On :@ Help Please


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hi, i ran my mr2 down until the fuel light came on, i stopped filled up with £40 of fuel and started her up, yet the fuel light was still on and has been ever since, this was about 4 days ago and it is still on verytime i turn my ignition on, is there a reset or something i can do? or is this now a tank out/lift pump problem?


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it is really starting to annoy me lol :@ strange how they seem to fix themselves though, i think i am just going to have to ignore it as like you said dropping the tank for the sake of a bulb is kinda OTT

off the subject though... do either of you or anyone else know of a decent alarm immobiliser system that will work with turbo timer, and also incorporate the likes of remote start, remote central locking, jacking sensors etc... the full works

also what do you think of the remote start im only really looking at that so the turbo has time to warm up especially on cold days as i dont enjoy sitting in a cold car waiting for it to warm up, i heard that other alarms that get fitted dont like working with the timer because obv the engine is still running after its switched off and locked... not sure if this is right

thanks lee

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The only alarm i can think of that will do all that is Clifford. i think they do the standard kit with optional plug in modules for remote start etc.

However, i'm not sure what you mean about waiting for the turbo to warm up before driving, i just drive steady, no boost and under 3000rpm with very slow acceleration till the engine is up to temperature, no need to sit and wait.

Got to honest here too i haven't even bothered with my turbo timer on this one, i just take it steady for the last few miles of a journey and give it 30 seconds or so before switching off.


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