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How To Revove Dashboard And Install Ipod Adapter - Yaris Sr

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I’ve just successfully completed install of iPod cable on my 2008 Yaris SR and I thought I’d post a write up to help others…..

I ordered IPC-107P cable for Eclipse 2210P (which is the TomTom radio unit fitted to the 2008 Yaris SR that Toyota rebrand as their own.

If you go to the Eclipse web site, you’ll recognise the unit!

There is also an AUX105 auxiliary cable available for providing an auxillary input for other (non iPod) devices, but that only provides “aux in” connection and doesn’t provide full iPod control via the touch screen display.

I ordered the cable from in the US. Luckily my brother was coming over from California, so all it cost me was £19, including local US shipping….

This is the cable.


There’s a You-Tube film here that helps you undo the dash panels….

and a thread here that’s useful reading for dash removal too…;#entry631000

And if you do a search here for “Yaris IPOD”, you’ll find the install guide for the “ordinary” Yaris ipod adapter that also helps you disassemble the dashboard…

There’s a thread here of someone who’s fitted the same head unit to a Toyota in the US with a useful wiring diagram I used…

First, remove the side mouldings, unclipping from the bottom to the top.

Then lift up the bottom of the instrument panel surround (i.e. the flat plate beneath the speedometer – as in the YouTube video

Then unclip the silver radio surround. It unclips at the bottom first and then you need to unattach it from the instrument panel surround.

Then there are just four screws holding the radio in place.

I tried unsuccessfully to remove the air vents. In the end, I left them in place and used a bit of brute force to jiggle the radio head unit out without taking the air vents off first.

Remove the connections from the back of the radio and remove it from the car.


The ipod connection is the small circular hole next to the multiway-connectors on the left side of the unit. The auxillary AUX105 connector is the 10-way multi-pin round connector to the right of the unit.


On the back of the radio, clip on the black plastic mount for the ipod cable around the ipod connector hole..

Decide where you want to store your iPod. I decided to keep it in the glovebox in front of the driver.

Next you need to cut a hold to get the cable through to where you want it.

I made a cardboard template that the iPod connector would just fit through, taped it to the inside of the glovebox and then used my Dremel multi-tool to cut a hole of the right shape and size – making sure that there was nothing behind the hole (such as wiring) that I was going to cut through.


Next connect the iPod power cables to the wiring loom using the “scotchloc” connectors supplied – red to switched ignition supply and black to earth. I used the red and black wires in the wiring connectors shown in this picture.


Finally, plug the ipod cable into the back of the radio, reattach all the connectors and put everything back together the way it came apart.

Before you screw it all in though, test that it all works and that the iPod does show that its charging with the ignition switched on…

Here’s a picture of the radio screen showing the iPod selection menu:


Be aware that each time you switch on, the iPod will start playing from the first track. It doesn’t remember where you left it playing. That’s a documented limitation of the iPod installation on this radio unit.

All in all, about an hour’s work but well worth it….

Last thing to do is to find a rubber grommet to tidy up the hole inside the glovebox where the cable feeds through...

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