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I was driving about 70mph up the motorway when car just instantly went into 'limp mode' (it felt as if I had taken my foot off accelerator)and engine light came on. It was quite scary as I was in the middle lane and struggled to get into end lane with traffic, when i stopped in the slip lane all the car would do is tick over.

So, turned off and on a couple of times, light went out, and off I went. This happened to the wife a few days earlier, but she was on a quiet road.

It is not the fuel filter as that is new, it feels electrical as the cut out was instant, no spluttering or juddering.........any ideas.


2003 Rav4 D4D 70k

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If it went into limp mode it will have stored some codes. Can you get them? You might need a garage or even the dealer to do it.

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