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Avensis T Spirit Auto Consumption


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My new Avensis Tourer T Spirit Auto still struggles to make 39mpg after 7500 miles. It will barely achieve 40mpg at a constant 70 on the motorway. The engine checks by Toyota show everything normal. Any similar experiences out there?


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i had one on loan which belonged to the sales manager and she said she struggled to get 40mpg from hers but then i have the 2.0 litre d4d and get around 45mpg on average which is less than some people on here and i do no consider myself a hard driver. not sure how reliable the read outs are though.

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I have a 1.8 liter petrol, and it did 6.2 L/100 Km, which is 45.56 mpg, over ~13,500 Km (~8390 miles).

Calculated, and the onboard computer is only 0.1 L/100+ off.

The 13,500 Kms is from new, and includes 2 trips across the Alps.

Given the weight of the car, and the fact that on one of these trips it needed to haul an 800 Kg. trailer over the mountains, I think that's not bad.

Here at home, on the "flats" and empty, it does even better.

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I own 2 litre t spirit auto on 04 plate.Only done 35000 from new and only had 1 previous owner.

Consumption at 70mph on motorway only shows 35mpg ,never done any more than this since i have owned it for the past 4 years

Consumtion around town has only ever shown between 20mpg and 23mpg.Come to a conclusion that this model is not built for economy but comfort.

My previous car was a v6 2.5litre vectra and regula got 38 cruising at motorway speeds but was manual

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