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Ipod Conection On Tns510

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i have a new toyota avensis which im really pleased with the only thing i cant work out is how to connect the ipod to the audio system.

can anyone help


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I have TNS510 with the option of USB+AUX jacks on Prius. TNS510 was the dealer option.

You have two ways to connect iPod. Use Aux of TNS510 or use USB of the option.

What does not work is to use aux of option niether USB of TNS510.

It is already complicated, isn't it? But there is one more issue that as the Toyota Spanish dealer officially said as following:

"There is no way to use TNS510 to control fully iPod. This means to use iPod via USB is to use via CDCH (CD Changer) and listin 6 songs only.

What the manual says is not correct."

If you want to control iPod as iPod is use AUX. I have no idea why the catalogue says it is compatible for iPod/iPhone.

It was a sad story for me.

I am not sure about this issue in your case.

I am sorry that I am giving a valuable answer.

Good luck.

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