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Spare Wheel - 08 1.4 Sr

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Morning All, :help:

I'm after a spare wheel to keep at home so I only have to rely on the space saver to get me home :crybaby:

Is there any other model that the wheel will fit from? I have seen some MR2 alloys which are 4 stud but ones of Auris, Celica etc are 5 stud.

Not even bothered about it being an alloy really as long as it will do till I can get the tyre repaired or replaced. (local tyre fitters have to order my size in because they are quite rare - typical!!!)

Any Ideas??

Many thanks :thumbsup:

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Hmmm. How many punctures are you experiencing or expecting each year?

Its going to cost quite a bit for a spare 16" wheel and tyre, assuming that you have the same 16" SR wheels as I do...

Also Toyota offer free punture repairs - there should have been a sticker on your spare wheel....

I've actually had a lot of good experience of this product - "Ultraseal":

Unlike some of the "get you home" tyre sealants, this is designed to provide a permananet repair that lasts the life of the tyre. I've used it on a couple of punctures so far and its worked just great.

I once spotted a nail in my tyre as I was about to set out on a long trip - and sure enough when I pulled it out of the tread, air started escaping. 20 mins later, I'd fixed the tyre with a can of this from my garage and we were on our way - sorted. I stopped and checked my tyre pressure a few times on the way to make sure all was OK - but all was just fine - and the repair lasted until the tyre wore out and needed changing.....

My contingency is to have a can of this in my garage ready just in case..... Much cheaper than a spare wheel & tyre...

My plan for these "unusual" 195/50-16 tyres which aren't in plentiful supply are to wear them out and to replace them as a set with 205/50-16, which are much more widely available - and easier to get quickly if you do need to get a quick replacement. They're only 5mm different in radius and will only make a 2mph difference to the speedo....

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