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Just Bought My Rav 4 And Left My Astra Vxr

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I've just seen this section and thought i'd introduce myself, my names Charlotte and I live in Surrey near Croydon

I've just part xchanged my VXR astra and got myself a 2005 55reg Rav 4, Its the dark blue colour XT5 model

I luv this motor its my first Toyota, first auto and first 4x4 and i luv it

The SatNav is brilliant as well i've only ever used a TomTom before but the toyota is so much nicer and its touch screen to

I honestly dont know y i didnt get auto years ago its brilliant ans the heated leather seats is lovely at this time of year lol

This forum looks briliant and ive already been helped with the side skirts ive bought

My plans for my car are:

Fit my Genuine Toyota steps (dads help me), i just got these off ebay for £130quid result

Get H4 HID's for it, i wanna get 6300k's

Get the windows Tinted all round

Fit my Parrot CK3100

Fit my amp and sub

I also wanna get a new alarm fitted for full closure and auto start

I also wana get personnal plates for fit to

No doubt ill add more to it but these r my plans for now



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Hi Charlotte , Welcome to the club :toast:

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