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New Headlight Bulb Test

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There's a new replacement headlight bulb test in AutoExpress this week.

If you're not aware, there are replacement headlight bulbs that now provide up to twice the light of standarb bulbs ("Plus 100%"), providing a much appreciated, simple and (relatively) cheap upgrade to make winter driving much easier and safer.

Also be aware that all bulbs lose their brightness over time, so even if you have fitted replacement bulbs in the past, after three or four years, even if they are still working, its worth thinking of a £25 upgrade to replace them as they will have already lost a significant amount of their brightness when new.

I've been using these upgraded type bulbs for many years and really think they make a difference. You can usually get them for a good price from eBay shop sellers.

As an added bonus, the Philips X-Treme Power bulbs I'm using at the moment (which were the best you could get when we changed our car two years ago) have a chromed tip and base which looks much nicer in the Yaris headlight than the large clunking grey tipped bulbs that Toyota fit as standard.

All Yaris UK models use an H4 headlight bulb fitting, which provides both dip and main beam within a single bulb.

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There was also a test in either MCN, or RiDE magazine... Have a double check, be twice as sure to get the best bulbs for your bob's!

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