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If the car runs fine and you wouldn't have known about the 100% load reading without the software then i wouldn't take it as anything to worry about.

If the car runs badly and there is an obvious fault that a reading could point to then its worth getting it looked at.

Like most things on the internet, knowledge can be power, but it can also be problematic.

:thumbsup: thanks mate.

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Hi all,

I have just purchased the elm327 and the torque pro for my avensis T180 and was wondering what dials etc to have on and also possible guideline figures so that I can see if my car is ok??

The reason I got this is because I want to get a tunit box but would like to know if the car is ok before installing and getting figures of before and after.

Got them paired etc and ran the check fault codes and no errors, but would like to see std figures to compare against...


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Saw a posting on this forum some months ago about engine readings via torque app on a phone.

Not that clever with these modern phones.I have had a Motorola RAV4 for many years now and dont use it much,its more of a emergency thing brought for when i went fishing so the wife could contact me if needed. Get a few calls and text now and again and i dont call or text myself more than a half dozen time a month. As i a retired i am at home most of the time so its our landline that used mostly by the wife. Sad realey you may well think.but the phone only cost 15 pound a month.

Anyway i thought i would like to have a Phone that i could get readings of my engine.

Typical me i brought a ELM 327 of ebay for about 13 pounds delivered,thats me getting a horse before the cart.

Then i rang Vodafone of whom i never took up their offers of a replacement phone before, thinking i may get an android free.

oh no i would not. First i would have to pay off the rest of the existing contract,and it would about thirty pound a month.

Its not than i am tight but when existing on two small pensions i have to budget things.

So the Elm 327 has been sitting in its box behind my desk topFor a while now.

Today i got a call from O2 who now a coupled in someway with Vodafone and was offered a renewal on my contract at !6 pound

(everything seems to gone up lately) so i mentioned about having a Android phone. Yes i can, at 21 pounds a month.

unlimeted text and calls and connectio to the web free, Which was extra with my old plan.

I have done a bit of research on these phones earlier and did not want one size of a paving slab as some are, so i asked for a Samsung Galaxy mini which is not much different in size to my old phone,hope that it will be big enough to read things on the web.

So i will no doubt be back on here asking for advice if i get in a buggers muddle so i hope there are some who will be able to help me out.

The chap at C2 mentione i can, with a jack cable be able to take calls over the radio with this phone, which is good but what about replying to these calls which i cant see going through the radio. do you have to add a seperate speaker?

Any advice would be very helpful to an old !Removed!.

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This looks like a great tool, I think I'll be needing on for my upcoming conversion... Great vids Les! I'm sold!

Acetip, I'm not sure, usually from experience these people that say "You can do this with your car" aren't experts... I run bluetooth handsfree kits in mine, I fitted the one to my Toyota myself (part of the stereo) and it works well (Alpine kit) but I hear very good things about the parrot kits. I'd imagine he means put the phone audio through the car Speakers, and either use a plug in microphone, or the phones microphone.. sounds a but "teee haw" to me, - you might as well just use the phones built in handsfree!

Good point, bluetooth ODBII reader and bluetooth handsfree... (Quick google suggests that a Galaxy S2 can... I only looked that up because its what I have..others should do too)

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