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Recomended Oil For Toyota Yaris Ts 2003

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I have purchced a Toyota yaris TS sport 2003 , and i want to change the engine Oil , what is the recomended Oil for this motor 1.5VVTI?

I know that area climate is a factor when you are choosing the right Oil , i live in Israel and the climate is warm.

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The handbook says you should use an Oil of "API SL" or "API SM" specification.

It doesn't mention any need to use synthetic Oil, but many of us in the UK prefer to spend a bit more for the extra long term protection you get from a fully synthetic Oil.

As long as its API SL or API SM, it meets Toyota's standard and any extra you want to spend is down to you....

10W-30 is the preferred viscosity for earlier models, but 15W-40 is also ok as an option. Both are good for at least 40 degrees C.... Even 20W-50 is listed as an acceptable option....

In the UK, 5W-30 is preferred for later 1.3 engines (which are the same type) but given yours is an earlier model and its a warmer climate, I'd stick with the 10W-30 or 15W-40.

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