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Double Corolla E12 Facelift 3Zz-Fe

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Whilst it looks good...

It would look better without the T Sport badge....

T-Sport emblem that is put out ?

I'm just not a fan of putting a Badge on a car it doesn't belong to.... it would be like adding a Turbo Badge to mine...

Other than that your car is stunning tho! :thumbsup:

did you write on a subject other than before! While here, get used to use the T-Sport, but I do not, we would appreciate it if you do not type it again ;) bedge emblem will be there ;)

If you can't take criticism i would suggest you don't post threads about your car....

You like the Badge, good for you. I'm one of quite a few that don't.... that's life....

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Can you also "transform" the headlights of pre-facelift corollas??? :yes: They are great!

Also, how do you polish the headlights? What cream are you using? Mine have become a little blurry over the years... :help:

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When I look again to the photos of you working on the bumper, I have got a question.

What type of mastic / putty did you use?

Not the normal type I hope?

Because the bumper is made out of PPE+ synthetic material ("plastic"), so it needs plastic-mastic?

Just asking because plastic-mastic has dark grey colour in my country.

Thx in advance.


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