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Toyota Accident Assistance

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I am after some advice, my aygo was in a car accident yesterday and my insurance company were being arkward about my car going to a toyota approved centre. This morning I contacted my nearest toyota approved bosyshop repair who took my deatils and said that they would forward them on to Toyota Accident Repair. About 30 mins later sombody claiming to be from Toyota accident assistance contacted me confirmed my details and said they would chase up the claim with the other party and that they would provide car hire for me which will be dropped off tomorrow. As of yet they have not been able to get hold of the other party and their insurace company is saying they dont know if their customer has accepted fault.

My worry is that looking online tonight I cannot find any information that toyota accident assistance actually chase up claims on your behalf if the other party is at fault. I have tried to ring the number but the options seems to be about reporting a new accident, being a club toyota member which I am not and about making a claim if you are part of toyota insurance which again I am not. I am beginning to wonder who I have actally been speaking to today and if in fact they are just an accident management company that have nothing to do with toyota accident assistance.

I know the contact email address for the person who was dealing with my claim ended in

Are swift linked with toyota?

Any help greatly appreciated

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Sounds legitimate as if you contact your Dealer and tell them you have been involved in a Road Traffic Collision, and if they determine it to be not your fault, then a Third Party Claims company will contact you to offer you every assistance. Swift are a company I have used in the last 3 years (used them when our Lexus RX was hit from behind) and they are very good.

Depending on their assessment of your claim, they might take over every aspect, from providing like-for-like replacement car to paying for repairs to chasing the Third Party...they will do everything. You must however be honest with them about every detail and they are much better to deal with than your own Insurance ;)

Have used a couple of other similar companies in the past, and been perfectly satisfied.

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