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well this is an avensis job but i just said ild put it here as i never go in there, haha

had my sisters car today to wash it, but after driving for 5 minutes the car wasnt warming up i knew something was up.

had it up full blast and there was no real power coming from it and no heat.

so first thing i checked was the pollen filter, took it out, clogged to the last and put air on and away she blew.....

so just got a new filter and job was sorted.... she had been driving the car for a few months like that and says to me after 'oh i did notice something alright'....

so if anyone thinks their cars heater isnt great or not a great flow of air...then try your filter :thumbsup:

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Haha! Yeah, I had a similar experience when I bought my Yaris; While exploring the car to see where everything was, found the cabin air filter was packed full of dead wasps! :eek::lol:

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