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My Corolla Gti Update


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Have not been in my garage and seen my car in months so today i went out to her to discover there is bird **** all over it so.... straight away out wit d power washer...

Here are some parts i have bought for the gti be just haven't had the time to fit them. Included scorpion exhaust, K and N filter, oil breather and air intake.stainless steel dress up kit, laguana front splitter (vented)etc.

Does anyone think these alloys suit the car?? its flat and needs lowering obviously but otherwise.

post-36909-031640500 1289840020_thumb.jp

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Alrite mate, those wheels do look good on the car and would work very well with a good lowering! :thumbsup:

Looks like you got a good amount of bits to get on there, Ive got the scorpion exhaust too but havent heard it out on

the open road yet! :angry2:

Is that the '88 or '91?

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Just a quick update on my GTi,finally have it on the road, passed the NCT no problem.recently got new alloy wheels and laguna front splitter....I know alot of you won't like the lexus lights but i had em lyin around so just put em on, quite like em but it does that from the orginal look.

Car badly needs to be lowered!! thinkin of getting new shocks and springs all round ,has anyone got a G-MAX suspention system that could give me a review?




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