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Best Engine For A Toyota Levin

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AE101 Levin with a turbocharged 4A-GE 20v Blacktop engine, which puts out a whopping 315hp at the wheels on 28psi.




1993 Toyota Levin AE101


* Toyota 4A-GE 20 valve 1600cc

* Blacktop head/Quad throttle bodies

* 4A-GZE block/crank

* Extensive head work by Lynn Rogers Automotive

* Custom Kelford Cams

* Toda Racing uprated valve springs

* Toda Racing adjustable vernieer cam wheels

* Toda Racing high performance cam belt

* Arias 82.5mm 8.0.1 forged pistons

* Toda multilayer steel head gasket

* Crower 4A-GZE forged conrods

* Custom stainless steel exhaust manifold

* Custom stainless steel breather tank

* Modified 4A-GE 20 valve Blacktop intake plenum

* ARP head studs/Mains bolts

* Garrett GT28 71R ball bearing turbo

* Turbosmart 38mm Ultra Gate external wastegate

* Turbosmart Type 3 blow off valve

* 5X performance fuel pressure regulator

* Turbosmart electronic boost control solenoid

* K&N custom air filter

* Sard 800cc fuel injectors

* Walbro 500 intank fuel pump

* Bar & plate 300x700x70 intercooler

* Setrab engine Oil cooler

* Link G4 Storm engine management

* Samco radiator/Intercooler and vaccum hoses

* Kevlar/Stainless steel braided hoses throughout

* 2.5" polished aluminium intercooler piping

* 2.5" steel exhaust through resonator into twin mufflers

* 3" stainless steel sandwiched glass matt heat shield off back of turbo

* Under bonnet heat shielding


* Toyota 4A-GZE 5 speed LSD gearbox

* Custom 6-puck heavy duty clutch

* Toda Racing 4.4kg lightweight flywheel


315 HP at the wheels on 28psi


* FBSS airbag suspension

* 1/2" lines/solenoids

* Stainless steel braided 1/2" hoses outside of vehicle

* STIC touch screen airbag controls

* 2x 3cfm 100% duty cycle pumps

* 3x extra cooling fans

* 2x water traps

* 4 gallon aluminium air tank

* Tein front adjustable suspension camber plates

* Tein rear suspension top plates

* Removed front/rear stabiliser bars

* Nolathane bushes throughout suspension

* Toyota 4A-GZE twin pot front calipers

* Zneolli slotted front/rear rotors

* Stainless steel braided front/rear brake hoses

* Lucas brake pads


* Custom PPG black paint with deep cherry red pearl/Prizmatique

* TRD fibreglass front bumper

* Aerotech fibreglass rear bumper/side skirts

* 35% black tinted windows

* Toyota 4A-GZE bonnet


* Momo Millennium steering wheel

* Momo gearknob

* Custom fibreglass centre console

* 7" touch screen with full Windows XP experience

* Wireless internet connection

* Infrared wireless bluetooth mouse

* Slim silicone keyboard

* Autometer Oil temperature/Oil pressure gauges

* PC Link engine management for on-road tuning


* 2x Sony Xplod 1200w subwoofers in custom box

* Sony Xplod rear 3-way 6x9 Speakers

* Sony Xplod front component Speakers

* Sony Xplod CDXM770 active black panel head unit

* Sony Xplod 1000w amplifier

* Sony Xplod 444w amplifier

* Sony Xplod 222w amplifier


* Koya 18" RSGT rims

* Toyo Proxes T1R 205/35 tyres

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