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Steering Wheel Controls Not Working

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hi all,

ive just got a 2002 corolla 2.0 (D4D T Sprint) when I was driving it home I noted that the steering wheel audio controls don't seem to work... am I missing something (need to select something on the stereo) or what should I look for (fuse etc) the stereo works fine(all standard Toyota fit) but I don't seem to be able to control it from the steering wheel audio control.

Thanks in advance Smac343

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not the connections .... so its to the fuse box behind the glove box I go... while playing i noted that the back light (comes on with lights) to the steering wheel controls wasnt lit so now thinking no power herring in there

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having played around with most things now connected to the stereo and audio controls I Have come to the conclusion that its properly the steering wheel controls that are faulty (or the connection cable through to the wiring loom).

to that end is there anyone in the Blandford area of Dorset:

a. with whom I could test my broken Steering wheel control (only two screws and a push connector)with to confirm my diagnosis

b. Has a price for a replacement part/Price for OEM steering wheel control


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I also have a problem with my steering wheel controls and its been very confusing. Initially the buttons stopped working but still appeared to illuminate with lights on. Then a couple of times they worked again. Now they are not illuminating or functioning at all.

I have not carried any diagnosis out yet but my Connects2 audio adaptor is also dead and has stopped working around the same time so initially I'm thinking it is the head unit ?

I do plan on upgrading the stereo soon.

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