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Start again.........RAV4 1998 (P reg)

Few weeks ago, I went to put my hazards on and they worked weakly for about 5 seconds then died (they still dead). Upon getting back into the car again and to indicate left the indicator 7.5amp fuse popped. I replaced the fused but it popped again and again and again when indicating left. I replaced the relay switch (not cheap!). On replacing the relay switch the indicators worked but still no hazards. Few days later the indicators popped again. Tried to replace the fuse again but kept popping. The other day I happened to indicate left (as habit) and the indicator worked. This only worked cause the hazard switch was on AND there was no fuse in the indicators, thus they work when the hazard switched is pressed on (no hazards) and there is no fuse in. How can this be? Any suggestions for me to test the switch before forking out another fifty quid on a new hazard switch? I have no idea re what to test or to be beaten but also dont want to be ripped off by an auto electrician. Thanks all for reading.

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