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jimma, there is a very good reason why I want Toyota-EU customer support E-mail...

Look in: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...T&f=49&t=11826&

The website is www.toyota-europe.com, on the first page right at the bottom in small letters is an icon link that says contact. This will e-mail them although their actual e mail address is not shown :)

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With this attitude i'm glad your ******* off!  It's not Toyota thats at fault either, it's your countries business practices.

Hmm I know that. I'm fighting against it. But what can one man do in country with few milion citizens. I could bring this before court of law. But what I'll get with this approach? Satisfaction? I can't think about satisfaction when earning 700 EUR per month and when I know this is not affordable for me. This is the reason why they can practice such bussines.

In Germany or any other EU country, this car would be replaced without any discussion or arguing.

But then, as poor EU country we are allways getting products of lowest quality class. This is also not very fair bussines practice.

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