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2004 Avensis Rough Idle

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Hi there!

It is my moms car. 2004 Avensis 2.0vvt-i manual

some 4 years ago I accidentally fueled it up with diesel. some 10 litres. after that filled tank with E98 gasoline, everything seemed normal back then.

now car has some problems, myb because that 'diesel time' I dont know.

first - idle

when standing idle drops to ~450 ~500 rpms. car shakes like its diesel. few seconds later rpms rise to normal level, then slowly drops again.

second - acceleration

car struggles to accelerate sometimes. is that called misfire? I dont know.

third - CEL

saying - Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold.

I took it to dieler some time ago, and he told me I need a new cat for ~800 pounds

and one more - when starting cold, car blows some black/grey smoke

has anyone had simmilar problems?

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with the symptoms you have and the warning on the cat it could be a lambarda sensor knackard, get the sensors checked and see if the voltage is switching correctley.

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I have had simialr issues with an Avensis 1 - It could be the sensors but aparently there is 'no way of checking them' according ot Toyota service but that isnt to say that they cant be elsewhere. In my case it was the cat. We replaced all sensors and did a software update beforehand but eventually the cat was done at similar cost to your quote. You may want to try clearing the codes first as the issue may not return.

Also you should try cleaning your throttle body as, if some of the finer airways are blocked, it can make the car appear like it is about to stall.

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