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Snow Pics


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Yep i tried monday failed and abandoned car in another car park in my estate 50meters from the house, tuesday got stuck lucky four council guys turned up and pushed me out and wednesday i phoned in and said in stuck at the house.

Work is 8 miles too far to walk haha and all buses are cancelled.

Im buying a wee cheap 4x4 with a winch on for next year.

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lol my car was covered like that yesterday, and took me ages with a little scrapper and frozen hands trying to get all the snow off it.

My car is so pants in the snow its unbelieveable, took me 45 mins to drive the thing 25 meters off the carpark trying to get up a slight incline of about 4 ft. Went to my parents today and got stuck yet again, and it took the help of my dad and two very helpful passing samaritans to push the thing up another slight incline. :crybaby:

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My car is so pants in the snow its unbelieveable

It must be the way they are mine is also crap in the snow, my fiesta 1.4 I had before this would go anywhere (within reason) :lol:

In comparison mine is fine... had no issues so far despite the ice and snow...

Only 'issue' i have had is my VSC kicking in when i went out for a play :lol:

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