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2007 Sat/nav Unit Mp3/ipod Adaptor Install W/pics


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After finally finding a company who do an mp3/iPod adapter for the sat nav head unit I decided to go ahead and buy one. I've been searching for a good while now and am glad of the final result.

The box contents are as follows:


The small bag of black bits are for mounting the adaptor unit and iPod player on the dash. Not something I did.

The adaptor itself:




Firstly removing the head unit. There are other pics and details of removing the head unit in this forum, but I will add my pictures anyway.

Pop of the head unit surrounds by carefully prising a blade underneath the plastic and pulling upwards. To be honest as soon as it starts to move you can finish off removing the plastic by hand. This will help eliminate any scratches to the surrounds.



Do this for both sides.

Then squeezing in the yellow clips on either side of the heating vents you can lift away and unplug the upper vent.



To remove the unit unscrew the four 10mm bolts. 2 either side.


Then again squezzing four yellow clips this time, gently pull the head unit away.

With the head unit pulled away plug the wiring loom into the CD changer (black) socket.



Then I attached the adaptor to the wiring loom to test it before putting it all back together. All worked fine.


Location of adaptor unit:

I decided to put the adaptor in the upper glove-box. I drilled a 20mm hole to allow the wiring loom plug to fit through.


With the cable pulled through the kit comes with a plastic pug to neaten up the hole.


I then tidied it up further by adding some cable sheath I have lying around.


I attached the adaptor unit itself to the back of the glove box with velcro.


The adaptor uses the CD Changer display on the head unit.


Now with the adapter installed I can have all my music with me. According the spec' the unit can take up to 100gb hard drive. As long as it can be powered by a usb socket. so basically a laptop drive. Though I will stick to a usb flash drive for me, the iPod cable is for when the misses is in the car.



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I'm looking to connect a Dension unit to my Auris and wondered if the pics from this guide are available as they wont show for me? Otherwise is there another guide with pics on here? Thanks 

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Honestly Brett that's very kind of you I have pm'ed you as requested, I will give you something for it mate, thanks again.

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