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Yaris Front Ends!

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So I've had a ding and need a new drivers headlight unit and upper front bumper.

I understand the bumper on this version yaris comes in 2 parts - upper and lower... (which is why i've stated upper/top)

I'm looking for cheap replacements for these parts and Toyota have quoted me £71.70 for the headlamp and £57.71 for the top half of the front bumper (primered) all prices exclude V.A.T. and I would have to get the bumper sprayed through my own arrangements. Obviously this is the most expensive way of doing things. So....

I've seen the headlamps on eBay for £35 each which seems a better option and top half bumpers about £35 primered. Then I will need to get this sprayed and all fitted. Is this the cheapest option I have?

Other questions I have are:

1. I'm guessing I'm looking for 1999-2003 parts, can any of these parts be 'facelifted' at all to better parts so I have a wider search + hopefully be able to get anything even cheaper? Such as can I get the 2003 - 2005 bumper? Or will it not fit at all or will the lights then not fit in etc...?

2. Does anybody have these parts for sale at all??

The car in question:

2002 (02 plate)

Yaris VVTi


Colour Collect

5 Door

Like this but 5 door:



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nope, ebay is your best choice, although the toyota prices quoted seem resonable to me.

you can't put any of the facelift parts on as they have a teardrop section to the headlight that enters the top of the bumper, also the grille is larger on the facelift version. you'd have to change the entire front end of the car to accomodate the facelift parts.

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ok thanks!

so are these parts the right ones that i need?

would it be better to buy a bumper already primed for an extra £2 or would the bodyshop not charge anymore to prime it??

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does anyone know or is there a how to of how to replace bumper and headlights please?

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