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Rav 4 D4D Cat Problem?

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Hi everybody im a newbie but in need of urgent help/

just bought a rav4 d4d t180 on a 06 plate and after getting it home the engine management light came on.

i took it to a main dealer and they have told me that it needs a new cat converter to the tune of £2000 ouch.

After picking the guys brains being a keen mechanic/diy guy i found out that its a blocked £15 pipe that goes into the cat but because the computer said its a 15.7 hour job to get to the pipe they recommend changing the cat as well?

After they switched the light off its never came back mon and the car drives fine so im a tad miffed about what to do?

it seems a bit mental to the tune of £2000 because a £15 pipe is blocked can anyone tell me if theres an alternitive way to get to it or a quick fix.

This is our second rav and i have a hi lux so im a true toyota guy im just finding this hard to swallow. thanks for reading


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Flippin ek' - another Scot!!!

Just kidding Billy - welcome to the club.

I would suggest you give us the fault code before you go ripping into it. It could well be the EGR which is well documented and if you are handy you can have a go at cleaning it (pinned in the tech section).

Code readers can be bought off ebay for less than £30.

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....or if you're a CANNAE SCOT (cannae afford wan in the run up to Christmas...) if you're anywhere near Glasgowshire, yay can borrow mine.

Any questions such as "howzit work Kev" shall be greatly frowned upon....I am booked into The Philadelphia College of Lawyeristic Studies in order to decipher the instructions.

PM me if you're close by and pick up.

B :thumbsup: ig Kev

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