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How To Replace Mirror Indicators

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Hi,I have a 2007 avensis with the indicators on the mirror.I took it to my local garage for an MOT and it failed on the nearside led mirror indicator not working,he said he would do the job for £106 plus vat and would probably break the mirror so that would be £24 on top.

Its the wrong time of year for a bill like that so does anyone know how to replace the bulbs and where to get the parts from?I would like to do it myself.

It hasnt worked since I had it and nor does the motor for the mirror adjustment,whether thats connected or not.

Any help would be appreciated

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I am certainly no expert, and especially not on the newer type Avensis, but I detect a rodent.....if both the mirror adjust and the indicator have not worked for a while, it must only be no feed (electric of course.) I would expect both to come off the same "loom" branch, and sounds like a wee connector has come adrift.

Fixed the very same thing on a Fiesta, by taking the piece of triangular trim off the inside corner of the window, and there it was....loose connector. Good luck, and tell yer breaker of mirrors to "hurry along...."

Big Kev :lol:

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Sounds to me like there is something wroung with the wiring too!

There is no bulb as such, it is a little lamp assembly that cost about £60. I would take a look at the mirror wiring first, seems a bit fishy that the motor AND lamp don't work

Kingo :thumbsup:

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Gazbev.....I would not dream of trying to remove mirror glass in the summer (brittle) never mind in these temperatures, when it would behave like a Jacob's Cream Cracker !!!! If glass MUST be removed, wait for better centigradinals.(July.....?)

Big Kev :thumbsup:

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