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Hiace Suspension Raise

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hi there,

hope this finds you all fine and dandy.

i have recently bought a '94 hiace. super jumbo - extra long with the high roof. it also has manual locking hubs and hi/lo 4WD. it is quite a bad boy machine. manual with a 2.8 normally aspirated engine. covered a few ks but i think it has been well treated.

anyway, i just has some new tires put on it and instead of going for the normal ht 225s i wanted to chunk up a little and the tyre shop guy persuaded me to go for some 235 AT tires from kumho. they are real nice and i can't see too much getting in my way. i was told there was plenty of room for them under my arches. but i think it is a bit just and to be honest there is a tiny weeny bit of rubbing on the drivers side. just on the very corner of the wheel arch where the step into the cab is. not on the passenger side. i have also noticed that there is a clunking/grinding kind of noise coming from the right front suspension when i go round a corner sharpish so there is an issue on that side anyway. it was there before i put the 235s on.

so i was wondering about raising the sucker up a couple of inches.

anyone got any thoughts on that subject?

all opinions appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Best to copy this and post it in the cars section.

For info, I put spring assisters into the springs of my RAV4 to stop it dipping - the things they use to help when towing. Cheap but effective.

I don't know much at all about your truck, but it looks as if its a whole load of fun!

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