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Locked Out Of 2008 Prius


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I hope someone has an idea for my mistake/problem.

I left the dome light on when I went on vacation and the 12v Battery died.

When I returned from vacation today I unlocked the car with the manual key.

I opened the hood, I opened the fuse box and found the 12v Battery post. I connected the 12 volt jumper cables.

When I connected the other end of the cables to the pickup truck that was giving me a boost… The Prius locked its doors! With the key and remote inside!

The prius Battery is charged now (somewhat) because any attempt to touch the door now sets off the beep beep and then the alarm.

I don’t have a spare key. Any ideas about how to get into the Prius short of purchasing the key and remote to be made off the serial number? I suspect that route will be very expensive.



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Unfortunately this question cannot be answered on a public forum as instructions on how to break into the car would be given out, obviously this information would be very handy for a thief. I suggest you contact your local dealer, the police or your breakdown recovery company for help with your problem.

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