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Bad Times.


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Bit of black ice + back of an Audi A4 = ...


Will require new bumper, headlight, fog light, wing. Pretty sure the bonnet is still straight.

I'm just wondering - as the estimate is not until christmas eve - if the 'inner wing' is damaged, how much of a job is that to replace, is it an integral part of the chassis etc and if it is bend could that potentially have led to some structural damage.

On first look I don't think it'll be a write off - if what I say above turns out to be the case there could be every chance?

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as you said from what i can see and with my experience of crashes in that area the Corolla holds up pretty well it doesn't just collapse. new wing headlight and bumper should do the trick along with the bumper clips etc. doesn't look like it but sometimes the drive shafts etc can get damaged if the knock was hard enough. hopefully they won't write it off...

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Jesus George, how did the cow take it?

Drove it back from the accident to my place (about a mile) - sempt fine, other then the arch plastic flexy lining catching on the tyre a little bit. Steering was straight and no knocking or anything from the drive shafts.

Also I'm driving it to the car clininc on firday for the estimate, so touch wood it's all just cosmetic :).

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aw, sorry to hear lad.

how was the audi?

well i know over here the parts alone would be over €1000.

are you going through insurance or private?

should get them bits in a scrap yard if you fixing her up yourself :thumbsup:

@ lad who hit the cow....did you at least get a nice steak out of it ?

thats alot of damage.

what was it, bumper, wing, bonnet, headlight, windcreen....anything else?

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Yeh they do hold up well. Suspension is knocking on front passenger side. Needs new bonnet wing and headlight now. Got two new wing mirrors and windscreen and wiper. A garage quoted me 1800 to replace with original parts from toyota and repray. So im just gonna fiix it slowly sourcing secondhand bits in the right colour. bought some tein coilovers so that should sort the suspension. Praying its not a driveshaft as well. Seems to drive ok other than being a little more wobbly. Bit i was worried about was my pillar on the front pssenger side. That got dented but i dont think it damaged it structually. Gonna just fill that as i got a new windscreen in just fine.

Unlucky on hitting the audi. But it coulda been a lot worse! Lol

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know exactly how you feel! mine needs a new bumper and bonnet, already go the headlight for £68! bumper for £60+delivery and 70 for a bonnet

got a quote yesterday and mine was just a minor argument with a hilux! not as bad as above and it was £750!!!

think ill end up doing it myself

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