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Auris 2.0 D4D Oil Filter Wrench Size?


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The helpful reply was:

"I think its around 63/64mm cup.

If you are doing it the least messy way is to remove the small round metal plate at the bottom of the metal filter housing (either 14mm hex head or a 3/8inch square extension bar) and use the small plastic drain tube that comes with the genuine toyota filter.

Push this up into the filter housing and let the oil drain through the tube.

You can now use the filter cup to remove the bottom part of the housing.

When you change the filter make sure you change the 2 rubber 'o' ring seals too. (should be with new filter"

Appreciated Mart

Could any of you confirm if it is 63/64 cup?

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I purchased the tool that removes the oil filter from e-bay about £10 to £15.Still did not use it yet but it fits the plastik filters and the aluminum housings.Should look like this.


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