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2002 Yaris Tyres/wheels


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as I am thinking of getting winter tyres on a spare set of standard Yaris steel wheels which I have yet to purchase (2002 Yaris Model) I had a look at the tyres.Tyres read 155/80R13 79T. Current Yaris brochure gives them as 15 inch steel wheels and 185/60R15 Tyres. I am confused as I want to make sure that winter wheels/tyres are identical size to my summer wheels/tyres. Help please.

Also where is the best place to get new Yaris steel wheels for my 2002 model, will main agents order them up or do I get them somewhere else?

Many thanks,Frank.

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That's quite a small wheel, what model is your Yaris? Others please correct me, but I thought on the mk1 Yaris the standard wheel/tyre combination was 175 65 R14. Rim details: 5½ x 14 4 x 100.00 x 54.00 ET: 45.00

Your going to struggle to get winter tyres now because they are in very short supply. Down side is your going to pay over the odds, or get some cheap Asian tyres that are ok in the snow, but not much cop on any other surface.

You can buy winter tyres on steel wheels at mytyres.co.uk. Just click on the option "steel wheels with tyres" on the left hand side of the page, but they are expensive. Alternatively, buy them at http://www.reifen.com/de/TyreSize/List/CarWinter/175-65-R14/S,T/False/False/none if you can get hold of a set of steel wheels off eBay

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My Toyota specs for a 2002 Yaris S model show 13 inch wheels..(steel).

The 15 inch wheels the OP refers to are the current model. post 2005.

You could upgrade to 14 inch steels with 175/65/R14 tyres.. which were standard on the 1.3 and 1.0 non "S" models at that time.

Personally I agree it's too late to buy winter tyres now: that is if you can find any...

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My January 2000 Yaris brochure shows 155/80-13 for the 1.0S model, 195/50-15 for the 1.3SR model and 175/65-14 for all the other models at that time....

Sad - but I really do still have a 2000 Yaris brochure in the cupboard and I knew exactly where it was...

185/60-15 are the current standard tyre size - but they are the same diameter as 195/50-15 so it looks like any of the above tyre options would fit fine....

If you're seriously looking at winter tyres - then I suggest you look for a set of 14" or 15" alloys and put some ordinary summer tyres on those and then put winter tyres onto the 13" steel rims that are already fitted to your car...

As "madasafish" says, you'll struggle to find any winter tyres left in the UK this winter, so it would be a good task to sort out in the summer when next year's stocks arrive....

Oh and by the way - although you want the winter tyres to be the same diameter, it doesn't matter if the winter tyres are narrower than the summer tyres - that's actually batter as it puts more pressure onto the footprint of the tyre and therefore has more chance of gripping.

Big fat tyres are great in the summer to stick to the tarmac. Narrow "thin" tyres are better in the winter as they put the weight of the car in a narrower area and so have more chance of pressing through the snow and slush..

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Go to the breakers and buy yourself a set of steel wheels in either 13" or 14", if you get 13" then you want 155x13 (155/80x13... two ways of writing the same size) or if you get 14" wheels you will need 175/64x14 or 185/60x14 (both are approx the same rolling radius and will fit on the car without any issues), get a set of winter tyres for them and your sorted for the next few years at least, but good luck in 1... finding winter tyres in just about any size.. and 2, at a fair price.. since October prices have tripled and supply is short, so supply and demand is dictating the price.


As alfiejts has hinted at, you could use the oppertunity to treat your car to a nice new set of 15" alloys (195/50x15) and buy winter tyres for you current steel wheels (155x13 or 175/70x13... same rolling raduius), then when the weather improoves, fit your new alloys on.

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