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Ultra-bright Led Sidelights, Led Rears

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Spent £20 at www.aceparts.com at 4pm on Friday. Bought a set of ultra-bright diffused white LEDs and a wedge-fitment 9LED cluster for the foglamp. Best money I've spent so far! :D

Stuff was delivered this morning, and the sidelights are brill. Got some 9000k PIAA bulbs for the low and main beams, but even the so-called "Blue" Ring sidelights were still yellow. These diffused white ones aren't cheap but they match the PIAAs perfectly.

And 'cos I've not got a Tsport, the lexus lights I'd bought were illuminating the fog-light with a white bulb. D'oh!

Now the foglight has been replaced with nine ultrabright red LEDs. Probably not as bright as the standard bulb, but at least I'm legal again! :lol:

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Forget about the 9LED cluster not being bright enough! Just been out to the office car park and turned it on... completely overpowers the oe lights, but only from behind the car. Move away from the rear by more than 30? and they're similar to the oe lights.

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Hey, I've got one for the back too! ;) Just not got around to fitting it. Will prolly just leave the Tom's Badge on...

Incidentally, fitted My O.Z.s yesterday and discovered that I do in fact have TTE springs. They're black, they say TTE, but they're not exactly lowered. :(

Can't wait for my full Koni kit! Will have to organise a Yaris Thrash up at the Proving Grounds! :ph34r:

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Will have to organise a Yaris Thrash up at the Proving Grounds! :ph34r:

oooooooooooooh and from your journo background (for which i have still not discovered) i assume you may have access to such facilitys?

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I just may ;)

It's prolly of more interest to people with 300bhp be-heee-moths as the straight is 2.25 miles! The rest of the track is all 4th and 5th gear for us. Sorry, one third gear corner/ second if you're slow ;)

It's good though 'cos:

a) it's not a track

B) it's wide enough for five artics - ten in places

c) it's relaxed and you don't feel you need to melt your tyres. just do top speed runs if you want

d) could prolly sort it out for around £20 a car :D

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