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Rattle Noise From 96 Corolla Gear Box/ Clutch


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Hi all,

Today when i started the car with the hood up (jumping the bros car at the time) i started to heir a rattling noise coming from the engine area, we later discovered that it was coming from the gear box area. We found this out by when i pressed in on the clutch the noise went. I know this happened befor in the car but the guy i took it to said there was no oil in it and he put oil in and that seemed to of fixed the noise but now its back again. I asked in the local toyota garage what it could be when it first started and they said it was a barring on the clutch but the guy who put the oil in told me that it was a barring inside the gear box. The box is a g6 box from a 98 and the guy who fitted it in was a bit of a cowboy and his work was dodgy (found this out as he mucked up something on the bros old car and this noise only kicked in after he changed the box). Basicaly i just want to know wether this sounds like a clutch barring or a gear box barring?

What happens is i start the car and leave it in nutral and the rattleing starts and the higher the revs the lauder the rattle. When i push in on the clutch the noise goes and without putting it into gear the rattle would start again when i take my foot off about half way to full off. When its in gear the noise is gone and it also goes when the car is warmed up.

Please help me out on this as i dont have a clue on which one it could be.

Thanks for any advise given, highly appriciated


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Hello mate if the noise goes away when you depress the clutch pedal it will be the thrust bearing on the clutch that is faulty if you had a dry metalic noise when driving that got louder as you increased your speed then it would be a gearbox bearing

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