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Replacing Side Mirror On 1992 Camry

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Hey guys,

I busted my Camry's side mirror a couple weeks ago, and I was wondering if someone could help me with how to go about taking off the remnants of the old piece.

I am currently trying to take the freaking door panel off and it's a pain in the *****. It seems I have taken off everything, and all that's holding the thing on is the inside car door handle and I am paranoid that I am gonna rip it off and regret doing so.

I stopped doing this when I realized that the inside area, where the screws of the mirror must attach to, is actually not even connected to the door panel in any way. (pictured in Sidemir3.png)

I am going to stop working on it for the moment and I was wondering if someone could share any hints or point me in the right direction. -Thank you for reading this post.





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