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Coolant Loss/foaming


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Hi I need some help form anyone who has had a similar problem. I recently had to replace the radiator in my carina(1997) although it had been leaking the temp sensor showed normal. After this I was still losing coolant and noticed that the coolant was like foam. The radiator shop suggested a bust head gasket so I have just replaced that. the head was checked for warping by a specialist and was ok. Engine reassembled I still have the same problem. Someone has suggested I may have an air lock is this likely or am I looking at a new cylinder head?


S Connochie

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Replaced the thermostat yesterday and ran the engine for about 30 min with a header tank on the radiator, a fair quantity of bubbles were displaced once the thermostat opened before eventually settling down. I am hoping this has resolved my problem but may look for some more help if I drop any coolant over the next few days.


Steve Connochie

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