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Hi can anyone help??

I have a leaky roof on my MR2 G limited. Where so i get the essentric t lug guides from??? Im a bit of a div so i might need a mechanic to fit it.

Is this a bit ott for curing the problem?? or would some spray from Halfords do?

Also ive just got a J REG G limited import and seems faster than my old uk MR2 GT??? ive read that there both the same?? the g limited even sounds different?

Oh and ps. What dose NA mean?

Thanks, all the best.

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You could try the silicone/cling film fix, or there is another idea of taking off the 'sockets' front and back and putting a thin washer between them and the body, this moves the t bar closer to the chassis and gives slightly more clamping force.

Mine has had the silicone thing done but not by me, and so far no leaks apart from a jet washer being too close lol.


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