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My Car Back From Garage,


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Just got my Mk1 Mr2 back from garage today, but not sure how take what i have been told, as i don't know much about these cars. Yet :D

Engine and body generally structurly sound, but.. :unsure:

Underbody has had some welding done at some point, he recommended i get it cleaned and sprayed with something (cant remeber the name), not a problem just got to get the £££ together for it.

Manifold and exhaust gaskets have got slight leeks, said nothing to worry about just yet. But needs to be looked at this time next year as i only do abut 5000 miles a year. Should i wait or get this done ASAP?

Engined revs high when cold between 2000 and 2500, from some of the posts here that seems normal. But once it's warm it settles down to between 1200 and 1500, is this normal?

From a cold start it can take a while for the revs to settle, again seems a common problem. How much would it cost to convert to manual choke and can a competent diy mechanic do it? or is it a professional joby?

Other than that the car is a good un.

Just got too clean her up, and get ready for the Gaydon meet :thumbsup:

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The ony way to convert it to a manual choke is to rip off the EFi and put on some carbs, twin 40's or similar (which would sortout your inlet manifold problem). Personally wouldn't bother unless you dont mind fueling it up every 10 mins!!!!!

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I'm assuming that your engine is a 4A-GE - if so it's the same as the one used in the AE92 Corolla. The idle speed when warm is way too high - should be around 800-850 rpm. There is an adjustment screw on the intake. You should also check that the ignition timing is set correctly. Looks like it's time to buy a Haynes Manual :eek:

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