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2006 D4D T2 - Dashboard Warning Lights Question


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I have recently aqcuired a 2006 (55 plate) D4D T2. I have been pleased with it so far but I am concerned about a couple of warning lights that do not go off after a few seconds when ignition key is set to the "On" position (unlike other warning lights). However, they do go off when the engine is started and do not come on during driving.

The warning lights in question are:

1)"Malfunction Indicator Lamp" - warning of an engine control/emission control issue and;

2)"Diesel Fuel Filter Light" - warning of the amount of water in the fuel filter.

I've read the owners manual which explains that the car needs to be checked if the lights come on when driving, but I am unclear whether if the lights stay on during the "On" stage there is also a problem.

Apologies for what is probably a very basic question but any advice would be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks.

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just change the fuel filter with a toyota one. fuel and oil filter use toyota's own genuine filters they are better. other bits and bobs you can use copy parts or genuine it's up to you. when you do your diesel filter change personally i would pour in "forte diesel system cleaner" with the next tank of fuel, just to clean up fuel lines and injectors incase the previous dirty fuel filter let some gunk through.

for the engine light just disconnect the Battery for a few minutes and then re connect. start the car the light should now be off. if the light re appears then you probably have a fault take it to a garage or toyota dealer for the code to be read.

once the code is read post up the code on here depending on what it is we'll advise action from there. the light may never reappear in which case it should be ok.

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well, nothing to worry about, as monj said there should be a slight delay.

corollad4d misunderstood what you were saying i think and thought these lights were staying on with the engine started untill you starting driving the car maybe.

once all lights go out within about 3 seconds of starting the car and all is ok engine wise then thats perfect.

even your airbag light should come on in the center of the dash and not go out for about 3-5 seconds after starting the car.

all this is perfectly normal, nothing to worry about. :thumbsup:

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