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Changing Gears

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Hi to all...

I have my Aygo for 3 years now. Ever since I bought it, I've been having problems with changing from first to second gear. I have taken the car to my dealer and they changed pressure plate at the clutch and changed the Oil in the gear box, but that didn't help at all.

They said the problem will reduce after 5000+ km, but I have traveled 14.000 km till now and still have the problem.

The problem is that when the car is cold, especially in winter, I have great difficulty to change from first to second gear. I really have to push on the gear stick to put it in second and it makes grinding noise. When the car gets wormed up, it goes reasonably well in to gears, but still some times it grinds. helpsmilie.gif

I want to ask if any one else has experienced this kind of behavior on their Aygo?

Can some one help me what to ask my dealer to check, as I'm not good with cars. huh.gif

Thank you. rolleyes.gif

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What grade of gearbox Oil did they use? The reason why I've asked that is that I've just changed my box Oil on my Avensis and I was informed by the main dealer that putting anything other that a straight 75w grade would cause problems when changing gear, especially when cold.

So I bought some Silkolene Pro SRG 75 (Full-synthectic ester racing gear oil)to put in. Not had a chance to see what its like yet.

Check in your owners manuel to see what it recommends, and find out what Oil was placed in your gearbox...

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you say they changed the pressure plate,but no mention of the drive plate.

its normal to replace both together and any thrust bearing.

i should think they done this.

you could ask.

is your dealer a toyota one.

if not how reliable are they.????.

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This is a terrible problem. I bought a '56 plate aygo for my daughter to learn to drive in, for which purpose it has been great. However it has gone literally overnight from a light definite gearchange to virtually impossible to engage. With the engine off the gears engage sweetly so all the gear linkage cables are OK, but with the engine running they all baulk badly & reverse grinds (no synchro)usually an indication of a dragging clutch. But turn off, engage a gear, start engine and the is no sign of the clutch dragging, the biting point is exactly where it was before this problem. So, what is going wrong? Clutches usually give plenty of warning (slight slipping,thrust bearing rattles, biting point changes) or just fail (cable break, actuating arm failure). This one works perfectly once the car is in gear.

There is no way I'm taking it to mr t to be told the clutch is "broken".

many thanks, Steve

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Both these instances sound like a knackered release bearing to me. The symptoms described are exactly what happens in extreme wear cases, as the bearing surface literally begins to break up.

It is definitely a gearbox off, clutch out fix.

These days it is a completely false economy to only replace a clutch pressure plate. You should always fit a complete new three piece clutch assembly.

If you continue to drive like this you will damage the flywheel and then you will be removing the engine as well.

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The car is completely undriveable in its present condition. Whenever I have had a release bearing start to fail they make all sorts of distress noises - there is no noise. Come to think, I really can't remember the last time I had one fail..... most cars are utterly reliable in that department these days

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Had the same issue, the gearbox is never perfect, but some days was terrible.

I didnt think it was the clutch, suspected thrust bearing.

When went in for 2 year service I asked them to check clutch and everything and they said it was fine.

11 months later it got dramatically worse. This time called a different Toyota dealer.

Mechanic sat in the car, felt it wasn't going into gear. Luckily it was particularly bad that day.

Guy said straight away, its definitely the clutch, He knew what he was talking about and agreed to replace it under warranty.

Took a 60 plate Aygo away for the day (yesterday) while it was fixed for me, which was good to experience a different clutch gearbox.

The Aygo clutch gearbox lets these cars down. Its always a bit of a notchy change by modern standards even on the best cars.

To its credit it is light. Also I understand the new clutches fitted for past 18 months or so are slightly different and stronger.

Theres another thread on here Title "Wont change gear above 2500 revs", you can read exactly the same problem there although would be better described, Wont change gear unless you match the revs.

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Thank you all for the replies... I'm taking it tomorrow for 3 year service and I'll ask them to check for the problem again. :unsure:

Just to answer some of the questions...

It is mainly when changing to second. Еither from first or from other gears to second.

It is the only dealer in my country and I guess it's reliable as it can get. And I guess they changed the whole assembly.

I don't know what grade of Oil they put, but they assured me that is the Toyota's best gear Oil they have.

Thaks again and I'll put update to the topic. :thumbsup:

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as i promised, just to post an update...

I took my car to my Toyota service and tried to explain my problems and situation. It took a while to convince them that I had a problem, as they were confident that my car was "technically correct" and that there wasn't anything wrong with it.

But after 3 of the servicemen tried to drive it, they saw what I was complaining about. At first they tried by adjusting the clutch cable, but that didn't make anything better. After that, they adjusted some other cables, I don't know what cables, which made things a little bit better, but still no good. And at the end they concluded, I guess they saw some of Toyota's TSB regarding clutch and gearbox problems, that the whole pressure plate needed to be changed with a new modified one.

They did that and for now my gear change is normal, as i think that it should be. thumbsup.gif

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I really hate that they just assume there isn't a problem and try to fob you off, but it's good you were able to show them and get a result!

Nice one! :thumbsup:

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