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97 Gx Rav 4 Heavy Vibration At High Speed 55Mph+


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Hi everyone

1997 Toyota Rav 4 GX 2.0

Yesterday I started to notice a heavy vibration when driving at a high speed.

It seemed to start after i passed 55mph, and seemed to come from the front wheels area.

The car felt as if i was driving on a cobbled road for about 20 seconds, and then it would slowly disapear.

It happened on a couple of occassions but I would also like to advise that it didn't occur everytime I got to a higher speed, only every now and then.

The road conditions were very good, motorways and main 'A' roads, so I feel it was not the road surface.

Please can anyone offer previous experience and advice as to what they feel the problem might be, and possible rectifications.

Many thanks


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Welcome to the forum.

The first thing i would try is to have the front wheels balanced. At 55mph this seems to be the frequency where unbalanced wheels show themselves with the symptons you are experiencing.

Best of luck

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First check the wheel nuts are all there and tight !!

Balancing. If you have alloys, sometimes the weights that stick on can come off. Especially with the weather we have had.

Check tyre pressures.

Then we move onto things like the prop centre bearing; engine mounts; wheel bearings; - when did it last have its MOT ?

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