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Avensis Parking Brake

marco polo

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lads , i was on about the parking brake fail over the imballace in the parking brake 75%, i am working on it now and removed the calipers but cannot seem to get disc/hub off i have backed off adjuster nut and slackened handbrake at handbrake end, do i need a hub pullers or is it bolted on from inside

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Hi Mark O'Polo, over there where the fields lie low,

I'm sure if you search under your subject, or in the pinned section done by Anchorman in Rav4 section, there is a way of screwing in the requisite bolt size into the hub (8 or 10mm...?) to force it off by tightening two bolts slowly and gradually.

Wait for somebody more knowledgable to come in from work for a better explanation.

If TspiritPete comes straight home instead of usual stop-off at pub, you should know before 10.00pm.....

Big Kev :thumbsup:

Big Kev's Log:Supplementary. Hopefully Avensis discs are same system as Rav, as it has two 8mm extraction aid holes right enough...ah was right....this is not the norm....

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lads does anybody know, the brake shoes seem to be the same size thickness leading and rear shoe, is this right for my model,because on youtube on different model cars it is said that the leading shoe is said to be bigger or thicker than the rear shoe

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