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Corolla T Sport Parts


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Hey guys, as some of u wud know, im selling my car soon :-(

So ive got a few bits up for sale.

I hav paid to b able to advertise parts for sale, bfor n e one tells me.

Here r the list of parts up for sale

Blitz SUS Induction kit: £80 Delivered

Defi 52mm Boost, Oil pressure and Oil Temp Gauge: All for £200 Delivered

Perrin Gauge Pod: £20 Delivered

PPE Header: £250 Delivered sold

Viper Performance Oil Catch Tank: £20 Deliverd sold

TTE Short Shifter- Fits on T sport and Non T sport: £80 Delivered sold

Hi Spec 6 pot 335mm Brake kit, with Hi Spec Braided front hoses and all necessary parts the fit onto the car: £550 Delivered SOLD

TRD gear knob: £10- SOLD

TRD Oil Cap: £25 delivered SOLD

Headunit Din Facia, £15 delivered SOLD

Alpine CDR-9855R headunit with Ipod connector: £50 - SOLD

Pair of Genesis 6.5" Speakers with a pair of Tweeters and X-over : £60 Delivered

Pair of Genesius 5.4" Speakers: £40 Deliverd

Thermo Tec Exhaust Insulation Wrap 2" wide: £25 Delivered

Aluminised Cloth - Heat Reflective: £20 Delivered

TRD Radiator Cap: £20 Delivered

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I will have the gearknob for definate how much with postage? Also how do you want paying? can do paypal or bank transfer, ta Stu.

Might be interested in the induction kit but don't know if it would fit my non comp t sport???? will have to check on this first

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will, do you have a piccie of the catch can and more importantly the size

+ reduce the brakes man!

Hey Sanj,

Heres a link of the Oil catch tank im selling


Its the samll size one: 63mm x 155mm

Im affraid some1 is on the verge or buying the brake im affraid, hes gna b putting down a deposit tomorrow.



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