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Internal Mirror Adjustment Broken


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Apologies, but this may turn into a rant.

The drivers side internal adjustment for the mirror has broken again.

I bought my Nov 09 (59) Aygo in Aug and discovered the drivers side door mirror did not adjust at all. So I waited til service time in Nov and the dealer fixed it. I then could see how they were supposed to operate correctly and found the vertical adjustment had gone on the passenger side one, so it was booked in for December. ( and re booked as the dealer ordered a drivers side part!)

Now the vertical adjustment has gone on the drivers side. Now I really don't need to adjust the mirrors, it is only me that drives it. So I am a bit perplexed.

I know this is a weak spot, but it must be a very week spot and I am fed up. I got a puncture in January so that was £55 for a new tyre to replace one that had done just 6600 miles. It's just come back from being re-sprayed (£350) after it was keyed by a scroat. So that means the car has required attention in every single month. Ok... so I know that is nothing to do with the Aygo, I do like it :-) and its 55mpg.

I am just fed up of how weak this mirror part is! It is rediculous.

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a month or so back I took one of mine apart to inspect as neither adjusted particularly well.

I seem to remember that there are 3 cables 120 derees apart which connect the back of the adjuster with the back of the mirror. So as such theres no distinction between vertical and horizontal adjustment.

If not adjusted for a while mirrors can stick/be a little awkward to adjust.

The best way to keep them functioning would apear to be moving them about a bit once or twice a month with one hand on the adjuster and one on the mirror to assist if needed.

This cable system is not the best but its a method thats been used on various cars for as long as Ive known adjustable mirrors, 30 years or so...

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I only noticed as the mirror was a bit out and I thought I would give it an 'exercise'. I'll try with some lubricant spray perhaps, but it really seems unadjustable in the vertical.

game over.

same problem, when i closed passenger's mirror at a narrow road + in the morning i opened it...

Went to Toyota, took the whole mirror out + i saw the internal.

there are 3 steel cables - bicycle size with barrels- and those 3 move a round PLASTIC

plate in the position you wish.

Plate has some deadends/stop, from there you can't move it further no more. :eek:

but if you close the mirror -like i did or i'd lose....it from a passing car- then the

cable BREAKS one of the stops.

It's construction does not allows you to make patent. Plate + base of it are screwed

on to the mirror cover and these are not seperate.

The cables are holding the plate mirror. :lol:

We disengaged 2 of 3 in order to move more freely + placed a.....sponge inside!

problem solved.

you can always buy a mirror from e-bay or a new one from T. Quoted 90e. Summer 2010... :)

lubrication will do nothing, it's just another weak point for Aygo...

Do not close mirrors for any reason! :yes::yes::yes:

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Geezbeez/ Kav: How do you remove the mirror to see the cables etc?

No tools.

open the door, and there is a plastic cover, black + big.

''Unlock it'' manually.

then you''ll find screws inside, etc....

if you want to remove the glass only, then it unlocks manually again.

You''ll instantly see all cables + plate inside.

Removing glass is not so difficult, but be gentle.... :eek:


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i had same thing happen to my driver mirror for no apparent reason but i do actually think i may have folded it at some point. went to dealer and thought i'd have an issue with them saying 'no - it is wear and tear so need to pay' - now i know why they replaced it foc so easily................ you learn something new every day!

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