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Broken Gearbox


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As i was pulling out of asda carpark yesterday at normal speed (not a racing start like usual lol) i herd a noise, so i turned my radio down and had a listen and it sounded like something on my tyre or driveshaft hitting my wheel arch. i stoped in a carpark and had a look but couldnt see anything, on my way home it got louder and louder and it was jolting when moving off.

I took it to work today hoping it was just something little and stupid but noooooooooo. i ended up taking the gearbox out and stripping it down. Have a look










If your going to brake it you might aswell do it properly

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Im going to find out how much the parts are tomorow, it needs a new output shaft because the gear is part of it and i think there about £500. depending on the prices i will either rebuild it myself or find a new second hand box.

If its not much more to get an mwr one i will probs get one. i need a loan lol. unless anyones got a nice gearbox for a tsport lieing round anywere :thumbsup:

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not to bad to strip, you have to take off the 6th gear asembely befor you can get into the main casing. there was no sign of it going, didnt even notice the point it happened, just herd a noise. there is a bit of damage to the casing but nothing that a bit of rubbing down wont sort.

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This is all starting to get a bit scary.

My car has not been the most reliable................

Compressor has only an additional 23 lbft over the T Sport.

So much for perceived Toyota engineering eh.

I think it's time I got rid of mine (T Sport)...........my leon tdi cupra was so much more reliable, with 400lbft 220hp and 170k mileage.

If I disappear off here suddenly, you know what I have done!

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ouch! having dont similar in killing an LSD i imagine you felt prety raw finding all the wee bits building up and up!

depending on what direction your planing on going.... may i recommend a cheeky littls 'Quaife ATB Helical LSD'. £585+vat. but ywah im impressed with your style young sir!

bamber 1 ...corollas box 0, thatl be, grippy as owt front tyres, prolonged hard usuage, pod runs, enjoying the car to the full....anf it deciding the trip you were about to make wasnt on.......hence it threw its toys out of the pram. haha

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Got some good news and some bad news, good news is i have ordered all the parts, they come on wednesday, bad news is its costing me £800 (so try not to blow your gearbox up). was thinking of getting a second hand box but there is always a chance that it will do the same thing in in the future. Thought it would be better to get all new parts so i know its right.

Im getting a new output shaft because the gear is built onto it (the only one that is), a new ring gear, all new bearings because the oil full of metal fragments so it wont be long untill they get noisy. also getting a new 3rd gear syncro and selector sleve because thats a bit of funky sometimes.

Should hopefully be back in this weekend, i have already stripped one of the shafts and im going to be going to work early everyday this week to get it done. Im just glad i can do it myself, id hate to think how much it would be if i wasnt in the trade :wacko:

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you're lucky mate! saved yourself a ton on labour i think gearbox specialists charge some of the highest labour rates due to the complexity and specialised nature of their work! my gear changes are getting funky now too (common fault on earlier d4d models) and i'm dreading the day i have to get that sorted. hoping it lasts until next year jan/feb time will just part ex it methings.

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