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New Member! Need Some Aygo Info!


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All i can say is go for it, we had a MIni One which was no more comfortable or better handling than the Aygo. We have an Aygo MMT ... brilliant ... and a Toyota 107 ... also a 1968 Rover 3500 P6 but that`s another story!

Running costs are as advertised and neither of the cars has had any problems at all.

Enjoy !!!

Hi everyone,

I've just joined the site, hoping to find some honest opinions and answers concerning the Toyota Aygo!

I currently own a Mini One, which I've found to be awful. Costly, unreliable, the cars cost me nearly £2000 in the last year alone!

Anyway, I'm looking to change my car right about now, and I want something that is cheap to tax, cheap to run, small engine, reliable, and good looking. For me, the Aygo ticks all the boxes. (Im viewing one tomorrow.)

However, I received a message yesterday from a relative warning me not to get one. Reasons being, that its 'lethal on corners', and 'the slightest breeze feels like you'll be blown away'.

So this prompted me to read a few online reviews. The main car sites ie. Top Gear, What Car, Parkers, all rate it very high. Though on smaller review websites that are written by genuine owners rather than professionals, are very mixed.

Some say the Aygo is fantastic (apart from a small boot - which doesn't bother me) and others not so good. The main points being:

*its been costly, brakes need replacing after very few miles.

* clutch is likely to go

*accelerator occasionally gets stuck

*engine very noisy

Have any of you experienced any of this? Or are these people driving their cars badly? With the trouble I've had with my Mini, I really really cannot handle big things going wrong again!!

Also what are the service costs like? Are parts relatively cheap to replace?

Would appreciate any answers, opinions and experiences that you can offer me!

Many thanks,

Victoria :)

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Hey Victoria

I've had my 56 Aygo for 2 years and love it now lets start at the beginning

*Reasons being, that its 'lethal on corners

No totally wrong i've taken corners at a fair speed and it holds really well you never feel like your near the limit of grip

*and 'the slightest breeze feels like you'll be blown away'

Yes i've noticed this on the Motorway with crosswinds but this is what happened to a tall car no getting away from that although it never feels like your gonna be blown into the other lane or your steering will become light or anything like that

*its been costly, brakes need replacing after very few miles.

Brakes from what I've been hearing if not used regularly can become corroded and perform bad but with regular use they should last you 25,000 miles average brakes would last i suppose i only put a new set on my car cost £100 front discs and pads since last year and had no problem

* clutch is likely to go

Depends if your gonna be gentle or not i've had the car for two years as i stated earlier and i have never had a problem with the clutch still as tight as drum

*accelerator occasionally gets stuck

That was on Automatic models and hence the recall Although it could be on Manuels to i dunno but i had no trouble with my accelerator

*engine very noisy

Yes at high revs due to lack of sound proofing and you can hear the car working which i like however if you don't like it turn the radio up :P

All i can say Victoria this is my first car and i couldn't ask for a more fun and amazing car to drive it puts the fun back into driving for me proving you can be green and still have fun

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Must agree with the last post. I drive cars at work at speed, taking corners daily with different models. It holds the corners great, you get good feedback from the wheel, and the its a very predictable grip. Even in wet its great.


Breaks and clutch are worn out by people who drive to hard ( though they will say they are the worlds careful driver)

It does have a noisy engine, but its a 3 cylinder engine, they are but its more than a small diesel, and wind noise if no greater that say a ford focus, I drive these daily and the wind intrusion is the same ( well it is on my car)

All you can do is drive one, you may like you may not.

Only bad thing is that they can leak, mine is new 11 reg but it still gets damp on the passenger side.

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Me and my wife hate the Aygo now as it is so unexciting to drive. But to be honest it takes corners pretty well on those tiny tyres and standard suspension. But it's still a dreadfully slow car.

My views on Aygo after 3 years..

☆ The engine is quite noisy and there is no pull above 30mph.. eventually after a few miles you can get it up to 90mph+.

☆ Brakes are sufficient for the weight of the car.

☆ Interior is spacious for the size of the car, but everything looks so cheap even with leather seats. Cheap rattly plastic everywhere.

☆ The boot is nearly non-existent. You can put a few supermarket bags in it. For a city car it's enough I suppose.

☆ Suspension is not stiff, but a city car doesn't need it.

☆ The paint is rubbish.. it rots quickly if you don't sort the stone chips quickly.

☆ Lights are sufficient.

☆ Air Conditioning is sufficient.

☆ Standard audio is rubbish. But can be sufficient for many.

☆ Parts are cheap and available.

☆ Car is easy to work on if you diy.

☆ Insurance is cheap.

☆ Tax is cheap.

☆ Real fuel economy when driving normally (not like a granny) is around 50mpg combined (don't be fooled by catalogue figure 62mpg, not many achieve that).

☆ Standard tyres when you buy a new Aygo are made of a very soft compound and wear quickly.. the front ones can be bald after 10k miles easily.

That's all I remember for now.

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U seem to be in a similar situation i was in about a month ago. U wanted a car thats cheap, reliable and isnt goin to cost the earth to put right. I agree with everyone who has told u to test drive one and see for yourself. U sound like u have ur head screwed on and know the Aygo is no supercar or golf. Its cheap as chips motoring in a nifty little body. Ive had my Aygo a few weeks now and love it. Yes suspension is slightly soft but not bad enough to feel u will lose control unless u drive it like an idiot of course. Sound system isnt best but its fine for normal listening at a normal level. It will never win a sprint but will happily cruise the m.Way at 85. Will it leak??? Who knows. Ive been lucky so far as have thousands of other owners. A small few have not. I was very dubious about changing frm an astra sri 150 but it kept goin wrong and was costing a fortune to put right. So i part x'd it for an Aygo and sooo happy now that i did. £ 20 a year tax, 400 miles out of a full tank that costs under £50 to fill and enough room for 4 6ft lads. The only regret i have is that i didnt do it sooner. All the best with ur test drive and keep us posted.

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the leaks can be sorted with the new designed door seals, and the rear seal leaks if the join isn't at the bottom. cheap to fix.

performance is like the first mini, its a bit of a laugh as long as you remember where you are sitting. its chuckable, don't buy cheap tyres and that helps....'expensive' tyres are about 60-80 each. speed is great for 50 yards, ours accelerates fine but again you get an illusion of speed. the top we have had it was 106mph (gps verified) but not recommended as it does get floaty. it is light so on the motorway in hig winds it does catch the wind but not like you are blown into oncoming traffic - its no worse that a volvo estate i had.

have had ours since they came out, ours was the first mmt in the uk allegedly. the mmt hasn't been great, better in manual, but was sorted under warranty. warranty is good, no quibbles.

the main thing to remember is it was built to a price so yes the plastics could be better in places but the aren't bad, more 'enough'. brakes last the usual time. key is maintenance - get one that's been looked after and it will be fine. you have to keep on it (as with all cars), and if you do it is cheap to run.

good luck, and remember it is the lowest depreciating car on the market!

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