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Headlight Condensation


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I've just had both headlights changed for the third time in 3 years (all under warranty) for condensation. Has anyone experienced the same problem?

Is it a common problem with the Aygo?

3rd ????????? :blink::blink::blink:

...better find another workshop. :)

i've changed only 1 right, in 2007.

since then it is ok.

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I get spots of condensation within both rear lights and headlights, is it worth mentioning at next service then?

I presumed this occasionally happened and as they disappear now and then it isn't worth mentioning..?!

No spots at all ! :yes: None ! :yes::yes:

you'd better have them all replaced under warranty... :eek::eek:

Photos from all lights should be taken from the workshop. Is this done in UK ? :huh:

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The condensation is caused by moisture seeping into the lamp unit, in between the outer lens and the lamp body. This joint has a thin rubber seal and on most modern cars is designed to be tamper-proof. New bulbs are merely inserted from the rear in push and twist type fittings. If the seal is not seated correctly you get condensation of the type described. The dealer is right to change it under warranty as the seals once broken tend to go on leaking.

At the face-lift the rear lamp units were changed slightly to try and improve the sealing, but my Aygo also shows condensation when driven in the rain in the nearside rear lamp cluster. My headlamps and the offside rear are not affected. I shall be asking my dealer to replace it when the car goes back to have the sun-visors changed during March.

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