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I went away recently for a week, leaving my car at home parked up for the whole time. When i returned I found the front washers were not working. The rears still work and you can hear the motor but when I try the fronts there is no motor noise and not even a drip. Checked the obvious like water levels, frozen water and blocked jets and still no hope. I've had a search on the topic but cant find definate answers for the two things i need to know,

Does anyone know if the fronts have a seperate motor to the rears?

and, where the relevant fuses may be?

Will have it up in the air and the splash guard off when the weather cheers up a bit.


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On every other car i've ever had the fronts and rear washer motors have always been separate. At the bottom of the bottle you'll have two motors, the smallest one is normally the rear and largest is the front.

I'm quite new to corollas myself but I'm sure I read that the fuses are in the passenger footwell.

Pretty much always the fuses will be under the dash somewhere. Otherwise there'll be an obvious panel under the bonnet with fuses, relays e.t.c that it may be in.

Could also be a relay problem too. Do you have a multimeter?

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