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What Does The Ipod Integration Kit Give You?

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I took delivery of my Auris HSD today, and the dealer hadn't fitted the iPod integration kit as requested.

The explanation was that the USB already gave me that. I didn't believe that as it costs almost £300.

I tried my iPod in the USB socket, but the display simply gives me a track number. I don't think I have any control except previous/next track.

Does the integration kit give me song info, and control (especially shuffle)?

And does it come with a built-in cable?



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I will pick up my Auris HSD next Thursday and this was one of the things I was wondering about, I didn't opt for the iPod kit and was going to put some albums in folders on a USB stick but if navigation of the folders/albums is too difficult then I wonder what the point of the USB port is.

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I have the ipod integration kit on my '59 plate Auris TR (pre USB sockets), when an iPod is connected it behaves like a CD changer, the disk up/down icons appear and serve to navigate between playlists on your ipod.

Press the text button to switch the display between track number, track name or playlist name.

I've found it most useful to set up a couple of playlists for stuff I want to listen to (books/podcasts/music albums) otherwise the machine will play everything on your ipod.

Try pressing the text button with your ipod connected to the usb and see if you get the same display.


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I have the iPod system. It is ok but probably wouldn't pay for it again. Can find playlists I have set up on my iPod but you can find specific songs with the system such search for song or artist. For shuffle you can play using the random song selection.

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I havent tried the kit,the dealer is not even sure if it will work.But doing a research is cool,i know somewhere somehow someone have used it.

Anybody else? :clap:

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