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Toyot Sub Woofer


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Hey guys, not sure about the toyota sub specs, but clarion do a small 20cm amplified, enclosed sub which is pretty neat. I've never heard one but its rated at 120watts max. Shouldnt be too horrible if you're after that little bit of extra balance in your standard system.

heres a piccy:


link to clarions website with the specs n stuff: clarion

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hi earpl.

ive got the toyota sub its great little thing mines

under the drivers seat cos got my toyota cd changer

under passenger seat.

kimi :)

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Hi Kimi.

I'm in canada, I've just spent some time around Vancouver looking for one of these under the seat self amplified subs. They don't seem to exist here the toyota sub option for my echo hatch is i think a 10 -12 in a large box , not discrete at all (Though I'm sure its loud). Does the toyota sub you have look like the clarion that rf-vitz posted above, and could you tell me how much would they cost(uninstalled?). :drool:

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hi aint sure what size speaker is because its in

an enclosed blackbox,but the unit itself is about the same

size as a multi player just a little thicker.

i paid £107 for mine uninstalled,

sorry couldnt be of more help hope you find one.

by the way i luv your maple syrup :drool: a friend brings

it back for me when he visits family.

kimi :thumbsup:

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mmmmm... :drool: mmaappllee ssyyrruupp... :P

thanks for the reply kimi, just found that clarion in a shop today about the same price as your toyota sub.It should actually squeeze in to the underseat tray .could cut holes in the back to accomodate the port and wiring and then stop the tray from sliding. but since the speaker is really only 7' I'm considering going for 6.5' in the doors instead the gang at echofans says 6.5" will fit?

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I haven't yet opened the door panel and sussed it out but a guy on echofans had a picture of his 6.5's fitted. I have some infinities in mind that are 2.15' deep. but thats a good point about the window when down,Jaxx :thumbsup: . I'll let you know what I get and how well they fit.

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I've just fitted the Toyota SubWoofer thingyo into mine. After messing about with nuts and bolts and slicing my fingers to ribbons all day, I eventually had to take the whole drivers seat out, stick it on in the house and take the whole thing back out.

I put mine under the drivers seat so I keep the little shelf thing under the passenger seat (not that I've ever used it!). I haven't hidden the wiring yet though, at the moment I've just stuck it under the mat - it looks like it'd take forever to put it under the carpet.

It's good though. It makes the stereo a lot louder than I'll ever use it. Was going to go for parcel shelf Speakers but might not bother now.

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